M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021


Morava Run 'races' are not primarily run for victory, but for pleasure. Nevertheless, we would like to give winners something. We pondered over it for a while what it should be so that it would be well shared among team members. In the end, we came up with an old proven classic - a medal!

And because winners are everyone who crosses the finish line, we have medals for everyone! Maybe just a little different for the first three teams.

The creator of the medals for the Morava Run is Radka Tesařová from the NaBedně.cz project. Basically, we just sent in a logotype and the result was amazing. The entire logotype is cut to form the entire medal. Radka toyed with the curves, she incorporated an 'M' representing the Morava River and attached a ribbon through its eye. We were given a choice of several possible shapes but in the end, the classic round shape was victorious. All that was left was to incorporate vintage elements into the medals as well as placement medals for the podium. The medal is decorated with a fine texture of feathers referring to the heritage of the Moravian Eagle.

Medals for all participants have a Ø 68 mm + a tab for the ribbon. The placement medals have an eye for the ribbon which is round in shape. It has a Ø of 80 mm and in addition to their vintage look, are textured.

It would not be a medal if it did not have a proper ribbon, which is also Radka's work. The ribbon is 36 mm wide and 950 mm long (before sewing). How would you rate Radka's medals? Write us in the comments section in the gallery below:

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