M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021



Anyone who looks at the Morava run route, which is very much about nature and historically interesting places, does not fit one of the largest malls in the Czech Republic. But it is a fact that without Šantovka we would not have been able to break through the Olomouc route. 

Honestly, there is no other place where we can park about 500 team vehicles in the center of Olomouc. Gallery Šantovka has two floors of underground garages and the possibility of parking on the roof. A huge advantage is also that almost half of the route we get the background of a solid building. The race runs in August. In case of heat, competitors can relax in air-conditioned areas. In case of rain, they have a place to dry. There are toilets, food ...

In addition to comfort for the racers themselves, the footbridge to Šantovka from Katřinská Street also offers a great solution for overcoming the very busy class on November 17. The Ú12 section still leads here. Basically, right behind the entrance, a space will be reserved for the handover of relays, and through the gallery itself, the Ú13 section continues.

The route is designed to minimize the possibility of a runner's collision with other visitors to the center. The racers will make footprints on the floor. In some places we will also use barriers. You can see where the Ú13 route in Šantovka will lead now: