M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021

Transfer P1 ↔ P2

As there is only one narrow road leading to the Pohořelec peak with a series of serpentines, the Dolní Morava Mountain Resort will help with the transfer between P1 and P2 so that team vehicles will not have to navigate these points and need only continue to P3 (Hanušovice).

Because the road is really narrow and to protect the forests of the Czech Republic, the organization of the transfer is an ideal and necessary solution which eliminates both the number of motorised vehicles in the forests and the risk of traffic complications. 

The transfer vehicle is equipped with seats for 27 competitors and its use within the race is free. The transfer from P1 will depart every hour and from P2 it will always return by half past the hour. The first ride is scheduled for 7:00 and the last ride from P2 at 14:30.

However, the organization of the transfer does not guarantee a connection for any specific team and does not exclude the possibility of going to P2 by a team car. Under ideal conditions, the journey takes about 10 minutes. A variant is the road from Moravský Karlov via Sv. The trinity, which is one-way in this section.