M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021


MORAVA RUN is a team race in a relay race across Moravia along the Morava River. It is aimed at the amateur sports public on a mass scale. The track is friendly for both amateur and recreational runners. The race, less than 270 km long, is divided into 30 sections. The shortest of them is Ú2 - 3.8 km and the longest Ú10 - 12.2 from Nové Zámky Chateau to the Náklo gravel pit. A. The diameter (μ) per section is 9.05 km. The last third of the route consists of rather shorter sections.


A)   7 -   9 členný tým bez rozdílu věku a pohlaví 

B) 10 - 12 členný tým bez rozdílu věku a pohlaví 


Leader je povinen seznámi členy svého týmu s těmito pravidly.

The condition for participation in the race is to be 18 years of age, latest on the day of the start .

Všichni závodníci se akce účastní na vlastní nebezpečí.

Every competitor on the route is obliged to have a mobile phone with him/her, in order to call for help in an emergency.

Every competitor is obliged to provide urgent assistance to a person in danger of life or health. In particular, call for professional help on the emergency call line or by direct contact of rescuers of the event. See start number.

Each runner on the route is obliged to be equipped with his own start number affixed in a visible place and with a duly filled in identification on the back of their competitor number! It will be randomly checked! 

Závod se běží za plného provozu bez omezení. Všichni závodníci jsou povinni dodržovat českou legislativu. Zejména pravidla silničního provozu!

At particularly dangerous points of crossing the route with the road, the organiser may warn drivers of this crossing with a warning traffic sign. However, this does not constitute an exception to the rules of the road.

We recommend bold-coloured clothing for runners on the track. Runners on the track between 21:00 and 06:00 must be equipped with a headlamp emitting non-glare white or yellow light. Also have at least two reflective elements on the back of the figure. The organizers at the handovers will carry out inspections of this equipment and are entitled to prohibit runners lacking the necessary/appropriate equipment from running on the track. Teams will be disqualified for disobeying the organiser and running without a headlamp or reflective elements.

Participation in the race under the influence of narcotics and addictive substances will lead to immediate expulsion from the race. 

Competitors are obliged to observe public order, especially the night quiet. Behave responsibly, considerately and follow the organiser's instructions.

As a relay, the competitors pass a chip via a neoprene bracelet.

Předávka čipu musí být provedena ve vyhrazeném prostoru. Přibíhající běžec na předávku, zvolá čislo svého týmu.

Každý člen týmu musí běžet alespoň jeden úsek.

A maximum of two consecutive sections may be run by one member of the team. Each team can use the possibility to combine two sections only once per race. Even then, the runner calls his team's number on the pass he is passing.

Every runner is obliged to study the route of his/her section . Before the start, the organiser will mark crossroads and intersections. However, the organizer is not responsible for the loss or confusion of the markings by strangers or weather. 


Start, P12 a Cíl budou osazeny elktronickými branami snímající štafetový čip. Na ostatních předávkách bude za každý tým zapsán čas předávky. V průběhu závodu bude možné zapsané časy sledovat zde: moravarun.online

The organiser can set up another checkpoint anywhere on the route, without having to notify the competing teams.

Startovné a platba

Startovné je stanoveno na 1000,- Kč / člen týmu.

Upon registration, an advance invoice with a ten-day maturity will be automatically generated and sent to the captain's email. ZFa does not have to be paid in a lump sum if the captain forwards billing information to team members and ensures that the various payments are made with the same Variable Symbol (VS). For each payment, a confirmation of the received payment will be sent to the captain's email. As soon as the entire ZFa is paid, the start number will be assigned and the team will be entered on the start list .


Contact details of the captain are required upon registration. The number of members in the team can be increased by the deadline set by the organiser as long as entry fees are paid. The number of team members can also be reduced in person, but without the right to a refund of the entry fee. 

When registering, it is possible to request your own team (VIP) start number. See REGISTRATION


The team leader or his authorized representative is obliged to assemble his/her team before the start of the race. Presence consists of picking up the starter pack which includes start numbers and chips. Dates and places for attendance can be found in the PRESENCE tab .