M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021


Following the registration, you will automatically receive a so-called "Advance Invoice" with a monthly maturity by e-mail. ZFa can be paid once or in installments with the same VS. For each payment we will send you a confirmation of receipt. After the full payment of ZFa, the team will be registered on the starting list. And you will receive an accounting document - Invoice - to the e-mail.

How to register form

1) in the header of the form, select the number of team members (min. 7, max. 12),

2) check the option VIP starter number, for a special start number,

3) provide the contact details of the team leader and if the entry fee will be paid by the company, the billing details of the company,

4) state the name of the team, the average pace of the team and, if you chose in the introduction, the required ones VIP starter number,

5) payment is currently only possible by bank transfer (ZFa also contains a QR code),

6) if you bought or received the entry fee separately, you can apply the discount code,

7) the team leader declares that they have read the rules of the race and that the team will abide by them,

8) click "Register team" to register the team.