M O R A V A   R U N

14 - 15. 8. 2021


The first year of the Morava Run will end at the Czech / Slovak border. The target will be built literally on a green meadow near the Czech customs house on 56 km of the D2 motorway in the direction of Brno. You can arrive on Sunday from 4:00.

How to get there by car?

Vehicles arriving on the D2 in the direction from Brno need to go 7 km past exit 48 (Břeclav), pass a motorway rest stop and take the D2 to a rest stop in the direction of Brno. Upon arrival at the rest stop, follow the mobile traffic signs the instructions of the organisers. 

What awaits at the finish?!

Medals for everyone!

Gold, silver and bronze await the first three teams in each category. However, a medal for participation awaits everyone. But we want to stretch you a bit and that's why we uncover them in parts!

Something to eat

We believe that after a weekend of sports nutrition, you will be happy to have a "normal" diet. Michal from MVG sro will prepare a Gastro zone for you. There will also be a gluten-free and vegan diet to choose from . You can also visit the stand with a grill or with coffee and cakes, buns, strudel... 


For your convenience

In our opinion, dry mobile toilets are not completely "it". That is why we have provided these two perfect containers for you. These will be set up and fenced to create a separate W and M zone, and at the same time there are toilets and showers in each zone. 3 urinal boxes will also be established in the M zone.